we take ideas and give them life.


Utilizing photo, video, and motion graphics, our goal has always been to tell great stories.  Images should be powerful, and translate across many cultures, regardless of language.  When you see something that moves you, or inspires you, you feel it.  You intuitively know when something is good, and we seek to recreate that feeling.  Producing content with fantastic design, gripping movies, or beautiful images, we are here to help you relate your story in a way that moves others.  Album covers, corporate meetings, powerpoint demonstrations, YouTube marketing campaigns, company branding, logo creation, website design, video editing, commercial production, documentary interviews; we can do it all.




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Asked to produce an idea for the 2018 Portland Winter Light Festival, a commitment was made to do projection mapping on the side of the McCoy Building; south of the OMSI building and next to the Trimet Max Line.  The building is home to McCoy Millwork, and features a logo painted at the top, with three identical trees below.  The decision was made to incorporate these trees into the animation that would be projected on the wall.

 The McCoy Millwork Building during the day.

The McCoy Millwork Building during the day.


Initial ideas only surfaced as movement in the trees, and a shifting sun, until, the central character popped up in my head.  The Skuirrel soon became the item to base everything in the scene upon, and I shifted back and forth between the four seasons, moving him to and fro and deepening his story.  A fifth scene was created to pull it all together, give credit, and allow him to destoy the wall on which everything unfolds.


Eye candy


Intel threw an event for users to experience VR gaming in a room on campus in Portland, OR.  Projection mapping three surfaces of the room really added to the ambiance of the room, meshing with the wonderful tone set by room lighting.  We created ten looping motion graphics that cycled continuously while attendees made their way through the entertainment.  You will see a taste of that below, in one original element, and another video showing the look in the room.


Building and Growing


Viewpoint held their annual "Collaborate" conference at the Oregon Convention Center again in 2017, and they reached out with requests to have motion elements constructed to lead in some of their branding elements.  This 45-second piece was the primary piece that was delivered.




The Contemporary Northwest Art Awards is the Portland Art Museum's biennial awards exhibition showcasing contemporary artists living and working in the Northwest. This year's exhibition has a distinct international energy with four of the eight artists bringing and immigrant's fresh view of America.  This is a portrait of the artist, Willem Volkersz, from Bozeman, Montana.


down in giverny


This was a personal project, with a personal touch.  I had this thought to tell brief, exciting stories about figures in art, through the eyes and voice of a kid.  Something that was interesting to watch and hear no matter what your age.  Monet seemed like a great way to dive into this first episode.  After writing the copy, Carly coached our son, Elliott, while I recorded his VO.  After getting the right takes, I chopped up his lines and began laying graphics and animation in After Effects.  This is the only episode at this point, but we may do others with different voices, and featuring different artists.